Sample Crisis Intervention Essay

Crisis Intervention

This paper will attempt to address a crisis intervention for Cassandra Smith, a 21-year-old black female by examination through Myer’s triage assessment, possible theories, and a recommended solution. Cassandra presents with a disheveled appearance and is talking to herself. She often smiles when talking about important negative information. She was not born within the United States, therefore cultural differences exist. She was arrested for fighting with her boyfriend and may have killed him although this has not yet been confirmed. Her face and body show evidence of bruising. She relates an abusive background and has been hospitalized in the past for suicide attempts.  She also relates an urge to kill those who have harmed her, particularly family members. It is not uncommon for a person who is suicidal to also be homicidal. If there is a history of self destructive behavior it is likely there is also a history of violent behavior (James, 2008).

The first thing to do is to try to make a connection with her and calm her stress by the tone of my voice and body language which would be calm and friendly while getting as much information as possible about her present circumstances; family background, cultural background, medical background, and the environment from which she came.  Privately ask the attending officers what makes them think she may have killed her boyfriend and if there is any evidence to support the claim. Question if there are drugs involved.  Ask open ended questions that hopefully encourage her to respond with full statements. This would be accomplished while completing the TAF or triage assessment severity checklist (James, 2008).

The characteristics that should be employed would include an open-minded positive attitude, be nonjudgmental with good listening and observation skills, genuine supportiveness, and reflective responses. Ethically speaking, it will be difficult to maintain confidentiality with the client due to the fact that the guarding officers refuse to leave the room.  Regardless, maintain professional conduct and a reasonable level of care.  You should avoid confrontation, convey what you can and cannot do with honesty and fairness to the client, respect her views in a nonjudgmental fashion, and cause no harm (James, 2008). The safety of the client is insured due to the fact that she is in handcuffs and leg chains and accompanied by two armed police officers.

Cassandra’s indirect answers and behavior could suggest drug use or addiction as well as a great deal of psychological pain that has resulted in a possibly  pre-diagnosed disorder such as PTSD, bi-polar depression, borderline personality disorder, dissociative disorder, or any number of drug related disorders. It could also indicate that she is not receiving or taking previously recommended medications for a preexisting disorder (James, 2008).

From the information I have been able to gather I have discovered that she comes from a very abusive home environment suggesting that she has been abused many times in the past. She relates rage toward her family, especially her father and those who have hurt her. When dreaming of her father she reverts to fear and terror which is indicative of severe childhood abuse and possibly molestation (James, 2008).

A history of violence within the family is often carried into other environments. Predisposing family histories of witnessing family violence, being abused, enduring excessive physical punishment, abandonment, deprivation, and neglect are all predisposing to adult aggression (Eddy, 1998).

Indications of childhood abuse and type II traumas (those who have experienced severe abuse) suggests that in adulthood, rage may be a foundation for unresolved emotions and carry over into violent aggression. Rage includes anger turned inward toward the self and outward toward others(James, 2008).

When the officers in the room told her she could not leave she became verbally abusive and clearly disapproved of their presence. In reaction to this behavior I would remain calm maintaining a relaxed atmosphere and allow her to vent. There are officers in the room so the assumption of violent actions if attempted would be readily controlled. When she has finished we would resume our conversation (James, 2008).

Research indicates adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse show symptoms that are correlated with depression, anxiety, shame, and humiliation (Briere & Conte, 1993; Briere & Runtz, 1988; Browne & Finkelhor, 2000).  Survivors are prone to use alcohol and drugs to submerge bad memories and to engage in suicidal ideation and attempts. These symptoms are even more profound if women suffered both sexual and physical assaults during childhood (Briere & Runtz, 1988).

Since this client is already in crisis I would not explore incest or childhood sexual abuse at this time because of the likelihood of compounding the present crisis through the deterioration of psychological defenses in a patient already exhibiting pathological behavior, regression, or dissociation (James, 2008).

Recommended therapy for this malady would be an eclectic array of therapies including relationship-building strategies, family-of-origin techniques, role playing and psychodrama, behavioral and life-skills training and perhaps some form of dance-movement therapy would be options because they are cathartic and give solid structure to diffuse feelings and abstract thoughts (James, 2008).

Having visited a psychologist in her youth and having tried to commit suicide on three separate occasions, having been hospitalized a mere three months ago, and now a murder suspect would suggest that her level of dangerousness is in excess. By asking repeated questions of whether or not she can see her boyfriend and how he is doing suggests she is alluding to codependency which is characterized by preoccupation with and dependence on a person. However, considering the fact that she may have murdered him this would lead me to wonder if perhaps the preoccupation is feigned as a deception.

I would be further inclined to ask myself if perhaps she hurt or killed her boyfriend in self defense after recognizing the fact that she has suffered trauma by the bruising presented. This would indicate a modicum of domestic violence.  I would inquire if perhaps some of bruising had occurred in this way. I would also ask her about her fears and if this occurs often in an effort to gain more insight into her present situation. Any number of theories can be applied to battered women syndrome such as attachment/traumatic bonding with each partner creating ways to control the other to avoid abandonment or the contributing factors surrounding cultural reinforcement of the patriarchal position that is posited in many countries (James, 2008).

The Freudian inward aggression theory best encapsulates her suicidal ideation. In the 1916 psychodynamic view, “suicide is triggered by an intrapsychic conflict that emerges when a person experiences severe psychological stress. It may emerge as regression to a more primitive ego state or as inhibition of one’s hostility toward other people or toward society so that one’s aggressive feelings are turned inward toward the self (Freud, 1916).

The learning theory approach best describe Cassandra’s homicidal ideation as it operates on the principle that both perpetration and acceptance of physical and psychological abuse are conditioned and learned behavior. Research indicates that a correlation exists between witnessing parental violence and being violent toward a partner as an adult (Astin et al., 1995; Barnett & Hamberger, 1992; Jouriles & Norwood, 1995).

After completing the TAF I can see that she has an overall rating of above 20 and this position on the scale would mean that some degree of lethality is involved and she is moving deeper into harm’s way (Myer, et. al, 1991).

On the affective scale I would rate her on the upper end of low impairment giving her a score of five as affect appropriate to situation but increasingly longer periods  during which a negative mood is experienced slightly more intensely than the situation warrants and she perceives her emotions as being greatly under control (Myer, et. al, 1991).

On the behavioral scale she displays coping behaviors that are likely to exacerbate the crisis situation. Her ability to perform tasks necessary for daily functioning is markedly absent (Myer, et. al, 1991).

On the cognitive scale she is plagued by intrusiveness of thought regarding the crisis event. The appropriateness of the her problem solving and decision making abilities likely adversely affected by obsessiveness, self-doubt, and confusion. Her perception and interpretation of the crisis event may differ with the reality of the situation, which gives her a score of eight (Myer, et. al, 1991).

If I were to make a diagnosis it would be post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) brought on by physical and emotional abuse and the end product of trying to cope with the repeated traumas cast upon her.

Without the convenience of having a comparison of precrisis functioning to work with, other than what information I can gather from the client it is difficult to gauge the normal degree of deviation from the client’s affective, behavioral, and cognitive operating levels. Therefore, I have no other recourse than to conclude that she has a degree of lethality that should be addressed decisively. I would also conclude that this person has a chronic, crisis-oriented life history and will require a greater length of time in therapy for a viable resolution. After consultation with a superior, I would recommend immediate hospitalization in an attempt to quell the depression and homicidal tendencies she alludes as well as further evaluation and therapy (James, 2008).





Astin,M.C.; Lawrence, K. J., & Foy, D.W. (1993). Postraumatic stress disorder among battered    women. Risk and resiliency factors. Violence and Victims, Vol.8.

Barnett, O. W., & Hamberger, L.K. (1992). The assessment of maritally violent men on the           California Personality Inventory. Violence and Victims.

Briere, J., & Conte, J. (1993). Self-reported amnesia for abuse in adults molested as children.        Journal of Traumatic Stress.

Briere, J., & Runtz, M. (1987). Post sexual abuse trauma: Data and implications for clinical           practice. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Browne, A., & Finkelhor, D. (2000). Impact of child sexual abuse. In A.C. Donnelly & K. Oates (Eds.) Classic papers in child abuse. Thousand Oaks, CA.

Eddy, S. (1998). Risk management with the violent patient. In P.M. Kleespies (Ed.),         Emergencies in mental health practice: Evaluation and management. New York:     Guilford Press.

Freud, S. (1916). Trauer and melancholie. Gesammelte Werke, Vol.10. London: Imago.

James, R. K. (2008). Crisis intervention strategies. Brooks/Cole. Belmont, CA.

Jouriles, E.M., & norwood, W.D. (1995). Physical aggression toward boys and girls in families     characterized by the battering of women. Journal of Family Psychology, Vol.9.

Myer, R.C.; Williams, A. J.;  Ottens; Schmidt, A. E. (1991). Triage Assessment Form: Crisis         intervention. Northern Illinois University. Dekalb, Illinois.

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A Peek at Aloe Vera


Scientific name Aloe Barbadensis Miller

The very earliest recording of Aloe Vera was found on a Sumerian tablet that dates back to 2100 BC. Although, it is recorded in certain history books that the Egyptians were the first to recognize its unique ability to heal.

It has been said that Cleopatra and Nefertiti used it as a beauty treatment thinking it kept them looking young. This information may be reputed by some but others regard it as fact. It was reportedly used in the embalming practices of the Egyptians.

Then again, it has also been reported to have originated in South Africa. No matter where it originated or was transported over time, it has always been hailed as a miracle plant due to its medicinal properties.

*Reduces toxins.

*Increases Immunity.

*Helps maintain intestinal PH.

*Helps to control the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract.

*Supports healthy muscle and joint function.

*It improves absorption of vitamins and minerals.

* Aids in the regrowth of hair.

The combined ingredients of Aloe Vera supply the human body with a host of beneficial healing substances whether taken internally or used externally.

In today’s market it can be found in juice form, gel form, vitamins, and herbal elixirs.  You can buy it in products such as ear drops, bug repellants, rubs, mists, and lotions. There are even Aloe Vera products made for pets.

Looking further into the plant, Aloe Vera also contains any number of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, enzymes and anti-inflammatory agents all beneficial to the human body. Another perk to the Aloe is its appearance. It is considered to be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Aloe Vera is the remedy miracle. People have and do use it for things like hair growth, weight loss, under eye wrinkles, skin problems, sun damage, burns, bed sores, herpes outbreaks, softer skin and practically every other use you can imagine.

Everyone should have at least one small Aloe Vera plant around the house. The reason is because you can easily pinch off a piece of a leaf if you accidently burn or scald your finger or hand and rub it on the burn for relief. You could use a piece by slicing the leaf and squeezing out the gel to place under droopy eyes in the morning to refresh and firm. Split a piece of a leaf to rub on sunburn to remove the sting. Rub it on a bruise to make it heal faster.

There are all sorts of uses for this wonder plant. Although there is a great deal more to be said about this amazing succulent, more detailed  information may be found practically anywhere on the internet. Is it any wonder that the Aloe Vera is one of the most cherished plants of all time?

Should you be interested in Aloe Vera’s detailed history the best place to find it would be


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Puptastic Dog Treats

My Dear Friend,

PetSmart reports that the manufacturer, MARS Pet care, has recalled dog treats due to potential mold.

Are You Really Poisoning YOUR Dog?

If you think for even one minute that you could be…Stop right here!  This is information

you need to know! Learn where safety and wholesomeness versus danger to your dog now! Before it’s too late.

Did you know… Pet labels more often than not, mislead and distort the nutritional facts leaving us with sources unfit for either person or animal. A healthy diet, on the other hand, contains essential vitamins and minerals that convert into amino acids that are necessary for optimum well-being.


Our dog brings us joy and happiness. He is our friend, our companion. Any time we come home from wherever we were, he’s there with his little tail wagging, all excited, jumping up and down with jubilation and appreciation. This is one of the ways he shows his loyalty and devotion to us and we lap it up. (No pun intended.)

In our eyes he could be one of our own children, a faithful member of our family, deserving of our love, and just like our children, our best care.  He deserves a nutritious diet free from harmful chemicals and bacterias, from poisonous ingredients.  Every real dog lover wants to see their dog with strong teeth, muscular frame, energetic, and gleaming with overall health, right?


There are those people that would say, “Oh it’s just a dog,” and throw him any old thing to eat or something harmful to chew like a rawhide bone, not realizing the harm it could do, or really caring about the dog’s wellbeing.  In their eyes the dog is just an animal; a lesser creature.

Well folks, it seems there are also dog food manufacturers that see them as lesser creatures.  And believe it or not, this is all too often an occurrence in our time.

George & Maggie Colter felt shock and disbelief when hearing the terrible news that their neighbor’s sweet collie had died from being poisoned by a certain dog food. Then they became downright distraught and frightened that they and their beloved dog could very well suffer the same fate. Then and there the Colter’s could no longer trust their best buddy’s health and nutrition to the large, although popular, dog food manufacturers any more.  For the sake of Charlie, their treasured golden retriever, they began to do some research and investigation into the ingredients of all the popular dog foods only to be shocked and sometimes sickened by what they found.  This just wouldn’t do!

They wanted healthy food and snacks for their Charlie.  The kind of food that would give him energy, bright eyes and shiny coat; treats that would make him as happy as he made them.


Maggie Found Out The Shocking Truth!

Some dog foods and treats contained harmful drugs such as Amantadine, a human antiviral drug. Other foods and treats were contaminated with mold, salmonella, antibiotic residue and a host of other toxic, illness producing chemical ingredients; some even contained arsenic and formaldehyde.  Some used ingredients so vile as not to be mentioned, let alone fed to an animal. They also learned that the FDA recalls hundreds of commercial brands both very expensive and inexpensive every year.

If that wasn’t enough, Maggie Colter decided to examine the most expensive dog treats on the market because it claimed to be all natural. With the store clerk’s permission she opened the bag to a somewhat offensive odor and took one in her hand for further examination. It looked and felt okay.  What she discovered next however was that although the package read the ingredients were natural, in the very fine print below she read; “ingredients imported from China.”

She had already seen news reports about dog food ingredients from China killing pets. Worse yet, afterward, her hand retained the same distasteful odor she had smelled when she’d opened the bag.  Examining the ingredients label more closely, it read:



To which she replied out loud to the store clerk beside her, “Good Grief!”

After reporting her findings to George they decided they would rather cook for their dog than feed him something that could be absolutely harmful.  After all, if it wasn’t good enough for them to eat it certainly was not good enough for Charlie.

The Colter’s began their quest by visiting all the reputable farmers they could find to procure only the finest ingredients. Taking these ingredients into their own kitchen they formulated the Furry Friends Naturals brand. They added no artificial fillers. No preservatives save the natural vitamin E that is added as a natural preservative to maintain product integrity during storage and shipping. (Vitamin E has other benefits for dogs, including dry skin relief.) They followed the finest quality standards; even making sure it was suitable for human consumption.

  There are no known Vitamin E toxicities in the dog and cat. Fed even at huge levels, no interruption of bodily functions has been demonstrated. Recommendations on the daily dose are highly variable depending on the source. Further research is necessary to discover other possible functions of Vitamin E.

Excerpt:  PetMD


George and Maggie Colter were now confident in what they were feeding their Charlie and what they intended to offer every pet owner.  A magnificent product with no harmful ingredients what-so-ever!

Their products contain only the best  real  100% beef and lamb, farm-raised on free range ranches, cage-free chicken and turkey, pork from an all-natural diet, free of hormones and steroids, all prepared in their kitchen right here in the United States. They gained rapid approval for their treats from the USDA and the FDA. Furry Friends Naturals was born!

The Colter’s started Furry Friends Natural Products in 1990 in Grayscale, Illinois, about an hour north of Chicago. (Furry Friends Natural Products sells many different pet-health products.)  The Colter’s work hard on a continuous basis to find local farms that follow organic and healthy practices for raising poultry, cattle, etc.; and for growing produce. They represent all the pet parents that want to provide safe and tasty dog treats that support good health.

After their first products were prepared they began feeding them to Charlie only to discover that they had created something wonderful.  After only a couple of weeks, Charlie’s energy levels increased, his attention level increased, his coat shined and his temperament was even improved. He was energetic and had all the behaviors of healthy, happy dog. George and Maggie felt proud and happy for all the pets that they hoped would be supplied by their company as well. They imagined a world where every animal was as happy and healthy as their dog.

   As many people all across the land have become increasingly alarmed by the pet food recalls, they became ever more anxious to find safe, healthy, all-natural alternatives. Puptastic NaturalsTreats meets this demand with its completely natural “kitchen-made” bite-sized treats that contain truly nutritious ingredients.   


No more worrying whether or not your beloved dog will suffer from some dread disease, illness or poison!! As they say; the proof is in the pudding or in this case the ingredients, which are guaranteed fresh and wholesome.


   You may be asking yourself; “how much is this going to cost me?” Truth is, it’s very affordable at only $16.99 per big 32oz. box. Always be assured of our 100% satisfaction guarantee! We’re also throwing in a special surprise gift if you order today.


You’ll know your special friend will have the best possible sources of nutrition for a long and happy life.


Reports that make your hair stand on End!


When Kevin and Candace Thaxton’s 10-year-old pug Chansey got sick late last year, the couple assumed at first it was simply old age. The small dog started showing symptoms of kidney failure — drinking water excessively and urinating in the house. By the time the Thaxtons got her to a veterinarian, Chansey’s kidneys had shut down and she was in extreme pain. She died two days later.

But the Thaxtons would go through the ordeal again just weeks later — leading them to a new theory behind Chansey’s death — when their new Pekingese-mix puppy Penny exhibited the same symptoms, finally resulting in kidney failure. When Candace Thaxton stumbled on a Food and Drug Administration warning that there’d been an increase in complaints about chicken jerky dog treats made in China, she says she knew immediately what had happened to her beloved dogs.

“I grabbed the bag of treats and turned it over,” Candace said. “At first I saw it said ‘Manufactured in South Carolina’ so I thought it was safe. Then I looked harder and it said ‘Made in China’ and I just said ‘Oh no.’ ” reported:

It has recently come to the attention of many pet lovers and activists that they have been inadvertently feeding their dogs tainted and possibly dangerous dog treats. These treats have been making many dogs sick and even killing them. The FDA issued a statement regarding the safety of Chinese-made chicken jerky products for pets. Now, the warning has been expanded to other jerky pet treat products such as duck and sweet potato jerky treats.
Petsmart, Inc sells the brands Canyon Creek Ranch, Waggin Train and Milo’s Kitchen, which are all in question. Many dogs have become ill and even died as a result of being given these treats. The jerky is imported from China and has been the subject of scrutiny and investigation by the FDA.

Dog Food Reports:

November 25, 2015 — Blue Buffalo Company is voluntarily recalling one lot of its Cub Size Wilderness Wild Chews Bones because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

The list goes on and on… Every Single Day there’s some new report about contaminated dog food or treats….


   With Puptastic Natural Treats you’ll Never have to worry about these horrid things happening to your little doggy. You can rest assured knowing that he’s getting every advantage for a long and healthy life.


Don’t Risk It!

Try Our Homemade Natural Treats Today!


Don’t waste another minute risking the health of your dog. There’s a Trial Sampler Coupon attached to bottom of this page. By ordering today you will receive 5 different treat flavors your dog will absolutely love with your first 32 –oz. box and of course our complete 100% satisfaction guarantee.  At last, you’ll feel peace of mind in knowing that your pet is getting the nutrition he deserves without the deadly risk of harmful chemicals.

As dogs grow and age they are prone, just like humans, to various ailments and diseases and the best way to prevent these is through serving him an all-natural diet.


Puptastic Natural treats come in 5 delicious, mouth-watering flavors:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Lamb
  • Liver
  • Beef


Inside Our Natural Treats

     Real  100% beef and lamb, farm-raised on free range ranches, cage-free chicken and turkey and pork from an all-natural diet, free of hormones and steroids, all prepared in their kitchen right here in the United States. Other farm-fresh ingredients in Puptastic Treats  include: eggs, brown rice, potatoes for starch; carrots, green beans, pumpkin and sweet potato for healthy nutrients and fiber. No corn. No artificial additives. No steroids or other harmful chemicals added. Ever.

They gained the respect of the USDA and the FDA as a reputable long-standing and trusted company among pet food distributors. They have also gained the admiration, trust and gratitude of pet parents everywhere.



    Animal protein is immensely important to our dogs throughout their entire lives. High quality protein from actual meat sources contains those important amino acids that your pets need to flourish.


Since poor nutrition is often linked to a shorter life expectancy in us and in our animal friends it’s only natural that we would prefer to give them a more nutritious diet enabling them to remain with us for as long as possible.

     You can trust our treats for your dearly loved dog. We make these treats in our kitchen here in Grayslake, and use fresh, hand-selected ingredients from local farms that follow chemical-free practices.


  • Each of our 5 Puptastic Natural flavors is baked with loving care in a “people food” –quality kitchen that exceeds the standards of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).


  • Our treats are available at finer boutique pet retailers throughout the U.S., or you can order them directly from our website for shipping anywhere.



  • Our products are subjected to stringent inspection standards on a daily basis.


If you’re the kind of responsible and caring pet parent who is especially concerned about feeding your dog delicious treats he can trust for safety and good health, you’ll know that this is one way to give them the love and attention they need and deserve.  And you’ll know in your heart that your treasured dog will be as healthy as he can be to live a long and happy life with you.

 There’s nothing better than a happy, healthy dog!                                              

Puptastic Naturals Treats

     Real  100% beef and lamb, farm-raised on free range ranches, cage-free chicken and turkey and pork from an all-natural diet, free of hormones and steroids, all prepared in their kitchen right here in the United States. Other farm-fresh ingredients in Puptastic Treats include: eggs, brown rice, potatoes for starch; carrots, green beans, pumpkin and sweet potato for healthy nutrients and fiber. No corn. No artificial additives. No steroids or other harmful chemicals added. Ever.

Approved by the USDA, the AAFCO  and the FDA as a reputable long-standing and trusted company among pet food distributors.


  • Each of our 5 Puptastic Natural flavors is baked with loving care in a “people food” –quality kitchen that exceeds the standards of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).
  • Our treats are available at finer boutique pet retailers throughout the U.S., or you can order them directly from our website for shipping anywhere.
  • Our products are subjected to stringent inspection standards on a daily basis. Our safety controls are among the best in the nation.
  • If for any reason you are not100% satisfied with our product contact us for a full refund.



Don’t Leave Your Precious Dog at Risk…


It’s true!  Every Day harmful chemicals are added to the average pet food or in some way it becomes contaminated. The number of defenseless animals that are poisoned by tainted products is phenomenal.  All you have to do is look at all the pet food recalls that come out daily, either online our in your daily paper.  Your dog is your special friend and beloved companion.  Will you give him treats that may be harmful; that may make his life shorter than it should be? Or will you give him the best treats you can possibly find?  Puptastic Natural treats come in 5 delicious, mouth-watering flavors:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Lamb
  • Liver


When you order a 32 oz box of Puptastic Naturals Treats today you will also receive the Bonus Free sampler packet with all five delectable flavors, (a $20.00 value) for only $16.99. (Offer good until December 20th only.)

  So Order Now and rest assured you’re giving your special friend the healthy nutrition he so deserves! With absolutely no risk for you.

 Just remember, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our product contact us for a full refund. And you are welcome to keep the treats and the bonus pack as well.


P.S. Oh, before you go,

You can also take pride the fact that you’re helping other animals as well as your own. Part of the cost of your box of treats goes toward a donation to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) as we are a guardian company.

As you know, the ASPCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of cruelty towards animals. Every day of the year they’re working hard to prevent animal cruelty and neglect.  They are the national leaders in the areas of rescue, adoption and welfare and a very worthy organization. We consider it a true honor to be a guardian of love and hope to the many, many animals that suffer needlessly every day.


Yes, I want healthy, wholesome treats for my dog; he deserves only the best! If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our product contact us for a full refund. And you are welcome to keep the treats and the bonus pack as well.




Trial Sampler Coupon

With purchase of  ONE 32OZ BOX of PUPTASTIC TREATS by December 20, 2015, Receive One Bonus Package of Mixed beef, lamb, chicken, turkey & liver flavors absolutely free!

 Satisfied Customers Say

“There is so much confusion about natural dog treats that I’m grateful to have found your treats. Your ingredients are the real deal and I respect that you work with local farms that you inspect yourself. Our dogs truly are our best friends, and we won’t feed them anything less than human-grade ingredients. This includes treats. Thank you so much for producing a quality product for our pups.

  • Dale

“Bentley just goes bonkers for your lamb treats! He’s just a young guy, and we’ve been using your treats to train him on his good manners. It’s such a comfort to know I’m giving Bentley a healthy treat every time he sits patiently or comes when called. I think your Puptastic Naturals are fantastic! They certainly seem to help with Bentley’s training. A great incentive reward.

  • Jefferson

“In the overwhelming sea of dog treat choices out there, it’s important to find a truly healthy snack for dogs. I’m very impressed with the integrity of your business and I recommend Puptastic Naturals to all my clients looking for healthy treats for training or just anytime. We’re proud to be one of the first veterinary clinics to carry your products, especially since we offer holistic and alternative pet care in addition to traditional medicine. We endorse only the healthiest, safest products, and Puptastic Naturals are at the top of our list of recommended treats.”

  • Karovski, DVM


I have been a dog trainer for years and I always use treats to train with. I just had to write and tell you that your Puptastic treats are the best! My dogs just love them. It’s almost as if they would do anything for one of your treats. They certainly have made my job a lot easier. I can’t thank you enough!

  • Wilson



Order Page:


Furry Friends Natural Products    101 Greenway Rd., Grayscale, IL 21342                   Toll Free 1-800-239-4518


Yes, I want healthy, wholesome treats for my dog; he deserves only the best! If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our product contact us for a full refund. And you are welcome to keep the treats and the bonus pack as well.

(Removed Order Form)

A Special Gift…

  If we receive your order by December 20th we’ll also send you a free special report (a $20.00 value), “Nutrition for Dogs” as a Thank you!                         

  This report was written by Thomas Jones an expert on the care and nutrition of dogs.

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Lift Note:


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Colter,

I raise hunting dogs for a living and last year a friend of mine told me about your Furry Friends products in passing. I didn’t think too much about it then but a few months ago I was raising a new group of hounds that were the laziest dogs (or so I thought), especially since I had taken them to the vet and he said he couldn’t find a thing wrong with them. He did suggest that maybe a food change would help but didn’t offer any special brand.

Then I remembered my friend telling me about Furry Friends products. I decided; why not give it a shot and see what happens? So I called up my friend and he told me where to get your products.  I went on and ordered some. They arrived, and in the next few days those hound dogs started acting like little puppies. I’m telling you they were jumping and running around and playing like I had never seen. I knew right then it had to have been their diet and I knew your products were responsible for the dramatic change in these dogs.

I don’t usually write letters, but in this case I felt it was well warranted. Your products are remarkable. My hounds are now in splendid shape and hunt like they’re supposed to and I have you and your Mrs. to thank for it. Just wanted you to know,

– J. Johnson

Magnolia, MS





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Noting Inspiration

Sometimes as a writer and photographer I have an urge to visit myself and recall just what it is that inspires me. My greatest inspiration in most instances comes from nature. There’s just something about the great outdoors and the scenery; the peacefulness.

I love to take long walks in the woods and hike along trails until I reach that spot that speaks to me. I ask it then; “What do you have to tell me?  What story lies here in this place?”

From there, the imagination opens a door into another world. It may be a world of fancy or fiction or it could be a world of history and truth; maybe of both. When I’m behind the lens it is almost always a story of beauty inspiring a connection of the soul that exists with the realization that all that nature is, am I.

As a human being, I am one with the earth because I am of the earth. Land and trees and water all play a significant role in the lives of all humans though some are more spiritually aware of and better attuned to nature.

The wind blowing strongly just before a summer rain, I find exhilarating. The late afternoon sky just before dark when the sun begins its descent behind the trees or above the great wide ocean. The occasional after-rain rainbow that glimmers and fascinates almost everyone gives true cause for imaginative inspiration as well as the night sky with its millions of brightly twinkling stars. Have you ever looked at them and wondered to yourself; what’s out there?

Many times I find inspiration in the animal kingdom. I love to watch them. Sometimes they can be a lot of fun and others, not so much. For the most part though I find wild ones strong and beautiful and domestics absolutely lovable and adoring.

In summation I would just like to say…go nature! For that is my enduring inspiration.