Noting Inspiration

Sometimes as a writer and photographer I have an urge to visit myself and recall just what it is that inspires me. My greatest inspiration in most instances comes from nature. There’s just something about the great outdoors and the scenery; the peacefulness.

I love to take long walks in the woods and hike along trails until I reach that spot that speaks to me. I ask it then; “What do you have to tell me?  What story lies here in this place?”

From there, the imagination opens a door into another world. It may be a world of fancy or fiction or it could be a world of history and truth; maybe of both. When I’m behind the lens it is almost always a story of beauty inspiring a connection of the soul that exists with the realization that all that nature is, am I.

As a human being, I am one with the earth because I am of the earth. Land and trees and water all play a significant role in the lives of all humans though some are more spiritually aware of and better attuned to nature.

The wind blowing strongly just before a summer rain, I find exhilarating. The late afternoon sky just before dark when the sun begins its descent behind the trees or above the great wide ocean. The occasional after-rain rainbow that glimmers and fascinates almost everyone gives true cause for imaginative inspiration as well as the night sky with its millions of brightly twinkling stars. Have you ever looked at them and wondered to yourself; what’s out there?

Many times I find inspiration in the animal kingdom. I love to watch them. Sometimes they can be a lot of fun and others, not so much. For the most part though I find wild ones strong and beautiful and domestics absolutely lovable and adoring.

In summation I would just like to say…go nature! For that is my enduring inspiration.